30% Off Your AC & Cooling Energy Bills

Save up to 30% on your building’s air conditioning energy costs

split-ceiling-acIn most air-conditioning applications a lot of energy is actually wasted because the unit’s compressor (the main running cost component) runs much longer than is needed.

COOLNOMIX AC-01TM is a new replacement temperature control system to substantially reduce running costs in refrigeration based split system air conditioning equipment.

COOLNOMIX AC-01TM is easily fitted to single and reverse cycle (heating and cooling) air conditioning installations in commercial locations.



Retrofits into your existing AC system


Using our Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS)TM control technology (patent pending), the COOLNOMIX AC-01TM is designed to reduce running costs in high external temperature environments like Indonesia.

The main features of the COOLNOMIX AC-01TM include:

  • Reduced power consumption by up to 30% (in some cases even higher)
  • Minimized running costs compared with the best modern inverter systems
  • Dual temperature sensor design delivering exceptional temperature stability
  • Auto detection of cooling and reverse cycle (heating) operation
  • Eliminates dripping and icing—even in high humidity environments

COOLNOMIXTM will immediately slash up to 30% or more from your air-conditioning energy bills.

COOLNOMIXTM will return your investment in under one year.

Contact us to arrange an immediate site visit. Let us show you how you can save up to 30% or more on your cooling costs.

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