30% Off Your AC & Cooling Energy Bills

How Coolnomix Works

COOLNOMIXTM is fitted into your existing air conditioning system in an hour. It replaces your existing temperature control system only. None of your other air-conditioning equipment is changed.

As soon as COOLNOMIXTM is installed, you will immediately start to see savings in your energy bills of up to 30%, if not more.


Simple. Most air conditioners today only make use of room temperature control. They switch on when it gets too hot, and switch off when it gets to the required temperature.

But the compressor, the most energy-hungry component in the air conditioner, keeps running, even when the coolant is full. This not only wastes energy, but also leads to ice build up, and dripping.

Your current thermostat turns off the air-conditioning unit. COOLNOMIXTM turns the compressor off when it is no longer needed, while the air-conditioner itself continues to provide cool air. Only when the coolant ceases to be effective does the compressor come back on.

This means much less energy used, no more ice build up, and no more dripping.

Better cooling. Dramatically reduced energy Bills. Much more stable temperatures.

Choose from your COOLNOMIXTM solution below or contact us to arrange an immediate site visit. Let us show you how you can save up to 30% or more on your cooling costs.

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